NIVELCRACK, which translates to level of top footballer, is a brand and a creative studio dedicated to football.
Our mission is to inspire those who strive to be a crack in their respective fields, through gear and content we create.



    Nivelcrack manufactures lifestyle and performance wear with craftsmanship,
    reflecting the spirit of footballers, clubs and their lifeblood in the supporters.


    Nivelcrack runs a Seoul-based creative studio specializing in the intersection
    of football, culture and fashion. Combining a deep understanding of the beautiful
    game with our diverse skill-set, we offer a wide-range of creative and strategic
    services to our clients.


    Cafe NivelCrack is our physical space located in Seoul where we are based in.
    We provide our customers with good coffee, music and an opportunity to
    experience a creative football culture by offering independent football brands,
    magazines and artworks around the world.

  • TEAM

    FC Nivelcrack is a collective of designers, photographers, chefs, DJs and other
    creators in Seoul. Gathered with passion for the game we love, we play at the
    creative side of football through team chemistry both on and off the pitch.